Tuesday, May 11, 2010


OK, folks--the film (and blog) launches in earnestness! I am now writing the script, due August 31! Big, fat prayers requested!

Recent goings-on regarding the film:

--Postcards made to advertise film/website/donations! (Want some? hburns@paulinemedia.com )

--Relevant Radio interview about "the making of" Alberione film: http://relevantradio.streamguys.us/Asx%20Files/MA%20Archive/MA20100506c.asx

--preview/trailer translated into Vietnamese! (other languages in the works!)

--someone donated a large flat-screen monitor to show trailer at conferences (first up: Illinois Catholic Prayer Breakfast)!

--Sr. Margaret Joseph & Sr. Margaret Charles will be coming to Chicago to help raise funds for the film at the end of May!

--Possible golf AND baseball (Cubs) fundraiser?

--Possible collaboration with dePaul University?

OK--no more puttering. Down to the writing (Alberione calls writing--with all its many forms--"the heart" of the mission of the SSP/FSP).

Sr. Helena uses PILOT Precise V5 extra fines and STAPLES yellow letter-size pads. And her trusty HP Pavilion dv6436nr Entertainment Notebook PC.


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  1. Ok, i´ll do as good as i can here in Austria to support you
    -->if you come by salzburg on your filming tour stay with me and my fam (my fathers a permenant deacon, my brother got ordained priest last year, my uncle 3 years ago, and on sunday we celebrated the 50year aniversery of my great-grand cousin (??? my grandfathers cousin) who is a Eucaristine (S.S.S) in Bozen/Italy, thank you Lord, for all those Blessings!)
    -->I can introduce you to the European Avifauna, besides our faith our love for birds connects us!
    God bless you Sr. Helena, ><>